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30 January
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several eyes.
not one.
perhaps the others are hidden.

!, !. punctuation is my weapon.
absurdity, agony of monocular vision, aortas, aortic lifestyles, bite my memetic eye, bnostrayle the barbarian, bnostrylz, boyd rice found christ, chewing on you, cones, consuming your mind!!!!, contagious diseases, corneas, crawling eyes, curiosities, cycloptic angst, david tibet's diseases, death to mushrooms, deformity, digestion, doom, dust mites, eers, eye biting militia, eyes, fish in general, genesis p-orridge lacks eyes, glassy-eyed stares, gnawing incessantly, great gnawers, harvesting of screen names, help us bite eyes, horrors beyond all horror, irises, killing dead things, lenses, malformity, might, nostrils, oddities, pointy-toed toes, pseudonic destruction, pupils, retinas, rods, sisterhood ofthe sacred nostril, surrealism, teeth, tommy tumor, tumors, unholy tonsil mechanisms, vozhds, winged fish, wingless fish